Welcome to the future!

Windreiter is an expert in lighter-than-air technology. From fully integrated autonomous inspection systems, to title-winning racing airships, we do it all!

Windreiter's Mission

Windreiter understands that innovative solutions are needed to allow aviation, science and industry to transition to a cleaner, safer and more efficient future. 
Therefore it is our mission to drive the development of electric, lighter-than-air technology as a platform, service and tool of the future.

How our technology is used


From the ornate interiors of centuries-old churches, to the most hazardous reaches of sensitive industrial facilities, our systems let you see places that your eyes can't reach.  

Data collection

Our technology empowers scientists to carry out remote sensing in areas where drones are forbidden from flying, such as near motorways and other public infrastructure


Lighter than air technology is the core of many new start-ups and research projects. We supply airships and airship parts to multiple projects, spread across four continents, with use-cases including security, logistics, wildlife tracking and intelligent swarm management.

Sport & Hobby 

We provide airship kits,  envelopes and other airship parts to enthusiasts of all skill levels. We are also happy to help you bring any project ideas you have to life through both our products and our knowledge.


Physics and Engineering teachers around the world use our products to give their students a fun, hands-on experience with lighter-than-air technology by designing, building and flying their own airships.

About Windreiter

Windreiter has been making airships for over 15 years. We have vast experience in designing, building and refining airships and airship technology. 
We offer airship systems as a service, and as a platform for science and industry. We also offer airships and airship parts to businesses, universities, schools and private customers.