Airship Envelopes

Our high performance airship envelopes are made with a durable aluminium-coated material, resulting in a strong yet extremely light-weight product.

Guiding Balloons

Our balloons have become the world standard of guiding balloons for the FAI F1D-Class of endurance flight.

Airship Kit-set

Whether you are teacher looking for a fun hands-on project for your physics or engineering class, or a hobbyist looking to try something new, our airship kit is a proven winner!

Inflatable Pylons

Our pylon set not only provides the world standard for defining an airship racing course in the FAI F7B Class, but can be used in creative ways, like demarcate a start or finish line for  sports or events.

Custom Envelopes and Balloons

Using our advanced manufacturing process, we offer  fully customized envelopes and balloons. From just a single unit, up to any quantity you need.

Standard Airship Envelope Range

For over 15 years we have been searching for the best envelope materials. Our focus centered on strength, lightness and excellent gas retention. 
Today we are happy to offer you our current standard range of airships, made using a material that meets these demands! Enjoy a beautiful set of envelopes all made to a high standard on-site at our Windreiter facility here in Germany.

Naming convention:   [SB]-[LIFT]-[LENGTH]
For more details have a look at the datasheet, available for each silver airship line envelope.

Special Requests?

Contact us any time for custom airship or gas envelope shapes, custom rudders, fins and electronics, educational projects,  large volume orders, any questions you may have and for other exciting lighter than air projects. [email protected]


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