About Us

Windreiter started over a decade and a half ago as a collaboration between a Physicist and a Biologist. 

The journey has been wild and full of variety. Early days involved the painful process of learning many ways on how to not make a good unmanned flying vehicle.

With experience under the belt, the first succesful projects saw the visual  inspection of ornate church interiors and fragile greenhouses.

Next, Windreiter ventured into the world of small racing airships, and over many years of friendly rivalry cemented its place amongst the European electric airship community.

Many unique and interesting projects followed, ranging from scientific applications, to art exhibitions.

As Windreiter grew, the need for technological innovation became apparent. The team set about developing cutting-edge technology that is currently the world's gold-standard for the production of gas envelopes for small airships and lighter-than-air robotics.

As our technology became the gold-standard, so did our racing ships, with Windreiter's 'Velocita' airship winning the last three major international regattas.

Windreiter's business now spans four main market segments:

  • We supply businesses, research institutes, universities and private indivuals around the world with custom-made top-quality envelopes and parts to enable their lighter-than-air projects and ideas to get off the ground.
  • We develop custom solutions for businesses in the field of aerial robotics and remote sensing.
  • We supply schools and universities with kits for use as a hands-on project that perfectly demonstrates many principles of physics, engineering and robotics.
  • We of course still also like to keep things fun with our multiple-time Gold Medal-winning racing ships.

With lighter-than-air technology finally taking off all around the world, Windreiter is excited for the future.