The world leader in airship kits and parts

Whether you are a curious newcomer or a seasoned pro, Windreiter can get you off the ground with our kits, envelopes, parts, and most of all, our wealth of knowledge and experience.

Gold medal winning racing ships!

Windreiter's Velocità airships (available as a kit), have won gold at the last two major international airship regattas.

A rapidly-growing sport!

Airship racing has been exploding in recent years. In 2022 FAI-regulated F7B-Class regattas were held in both India and Germany, with competitors attending from around the world.

In 2024, the inaugural Airship Racing World Cup will kick off. We can provide everything you need to have a chance to turn your dream of being a world champion into a reality!

To receive notifications on airship regattas, send a note to:
Upcoming Airship Races:
26. - 29. May 2023, Uetze (not FAI recongnized)
03. – 05. Nov. 2023, Friedrichshafen

Any part you need? We got it!

Many of our clients love the journey of designing and building their own airship. We sell a variety of envelopes in standard sizes. We can also create custom parts such as unique envelopes, rudders, fins, electronics and more.

Inflating your envelope

Please note: Airship envelopes are fragile objects and have to be handled with extreme care.