Racing-Course Pylons (Set of 2)

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These inflatable pylons are the world-standard for airship regatta racing. They provide the two points of reference around which a figure-eight must be completed. 

If you are interested in different dimensions, please contact us for a custom quote.

Product Information

These pylons, when inflated with a mixture of lifting gas and air, and affixed to a heavy object, will stand upright in a stable position.

Windreiter's pylons provide the perfect reference-points for your figure-eight course as they are stable, highly-visible, partially see-though and most off all, they are forgiving to your airship in the case of a collision. 


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8 m (uninflated)
~7.2m (inflated)

0.47 m (inflated)

Product Details

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These pylons are consist of a robust Nylon/Polyethylene bi-layer material.
They come with a filling tube in the tail section (closing clip included).

Other Information

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When using the pylons, be aware of:
- Sharp objects
- Hot objects (especially avoiding contact with overhead lights)
- Wind

These pylons are so strong that you can sit on them. If carefully deflated and folded after usage, these pylons will last for many years.